Saturday, 15 March 2008

a few months ago a rugby league video appeared on good old youtube,it looks like it is the video russell crowe made to show to the american press in the build up to the australia day challenge game in jacksonville between russell crowe's south sydney & leeds rhinos..

while the video is good it lacked something....SOUND!

now, not that i'm trying to tell a multi award,oscar winning actor how to make a film but surely sound is a

anyhow, i took rusty's film and re-edited it,added abit of music (which fits perfectly,i'm really pleased with the vangana touchdown bit which i'll admitted was a complete fluke) added abit of text at the end to re-direct our american friends,who love league but just don't know it yet..


ps, the AMNRL have no involvement in this production so don't go suing them..