Saturday, 23 February 2008


What to do with a problem like....THE WORLD CLUB CHALLENGE?

Lets not beat about the long as the WCC is held in February the aussies will always have an excuse,rightly too....we (the english) are 3 or 4 games into our season,the aussies are still 3 weeks away from the start of theirs..and there lays the problem, to the aussies,maybe not the players but defo the fans the WCC is a PRE SEASON no matter how much the english side wins by it does'nt matter because the aussies will brush it under the carpet...unless of course the aussies win it like the melbourne storm & roosters did a few years ago....but thats another matter..

Right, so what do we do??? what do we do to make the world club challenge (championship) the pinnacle of the club game?? it really should be above both the NRL & ESL grand finals..heres my plan

we sync the ESL & NRL seasons so one finishes 1 week before the other, as a result the final 3 weeks of the club season would look like this..


theres absolutely no reason why both the leagues can't finish like this, IIRC both the ESL & NRL inish on the same weekend this season so why can't they be arranged so they finish like i've mentioned above????


Daniel said...

Well one problem there nate... the WCC will not justify itself monetarily in Australia. This year from what I hear a 1 million pound profit was made after where the winner got 50,000 pounds and the losers 25,000 pounds. That is with 33,000 people.

There is no way this would happen in Australia. You'd be lucky to get 20,000 people and with the exchange rate you'd barely break even.

All that needs to happen is that Aussies need to stop being so insular and realise that RL is NOT purely and Australian Sport and that other countries play it.

Daniel said...

... Plus remember that the NRL teams are also about 2-3 games into their pre season so its not like they are completely underdone.

Maybe one solution is to have the WCC as a two game series. The ESL team travels to Australia after the GF's and plays and then the NRL team goes to the UK in Feb. The team with highest agregate score wins?

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Mikel said...

yeah i don't think having the WCC straight after the two comp's respective GFs is such a good idea. The last thing players want to do at the end of a long hard season is to play another game a week or two later. They want to be able to celebrate and have a bit of a break.

I agree that having one game in the northern or southern hemisphere isn't really fair to one of the teams.

A two game series probably would be best held in maybe late january so that both teams are on an even keel. Either that or have just the one game in neutral territory.

Either way i can't see either comp being restructured to fit in with the needs of the WCC.

Anonymous said...


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