Monday, 4 February 2008

Ireland to cast the net far & wide

from the BBC sport.
"Ireland have stepped up their bid for World Cup glory by urging all players with Irish ancestry to get in touch.

Ireland must include at least six players from their domestic league in their squad for Australia, but coach Andy Kelly is keen to widen his net.

"With an 'open door' policy, players who have missed out through no fault of their own can come forward," he said.

Ireland open their World Cup campaign against Tonga on 27 October before meeting Samoa on 5 November"

say it ain't so......

now,i don't begrudge ireland adding 2 or 3 quality "irish - aussies" to their world cup squad but anymore than that will undo all the hard work & development the RLi have done in recent years.

also what message does it send out to the players who got ireland to the world cup in the first place?

if theres one thing that international rugby league lacks it's loyalty, most of the current ireland squad have been there for the long run,are these new players going to commit to ireland after the world cup? if not don't bother..infact i'd ask them that question

the RLi need to ask themselves "what do they want to get out of the world cup?" ,they are'nt going to win it,they've been put in the group of death too and unlikely to make it out of there anyway no matter what shape the irish team takes..

if i was on the RLi board i'd limit andy kelly to 2 or 3 quality "imports" in addition to the squad that got them there..they have to look at the bigger picture.

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Daniel said...

Spud agree mate, it would be a great waste to see the true Irish talent on board. I hope that this does not catch onto the Scots and they try and pull the same thing.

But how does soccer overcome this?