Tuesday, 23 October 2007

richard lewis' 10 year international plan

as revealed in the league weekly paper this week

heres richard lewis' 10 year plan

2008 - world cup australia

2009 - 4 nations - aus,nz,eng,france played in northern hemisphere
- pacific cup - png,fiji,samoa,tonga & cook islands (5 teams?)

2010 - 4 nations - aus,nz,eng + winners of pacific cup played in southern hemisphere.

2011 - 4 nations - aus,nz,eng,france played in northern hemisphere.

2012 - full GB tour of down under (australia)

2013 - world cup UK

2014 - same as 2009

2015 - same as 2010

2016 - full GB tour down under (NZ)

2017 - world cup (southern hemisphere)

i like the fact that the "2nd tier" nations in the pacific have the chance to play with the big boys in the "southern hemisphere 4 nations" by winning the pacific cup..at last we have a well defined structure for international teams to progress onto the next level which they have earned..and while i'm on about the pacific cup why not add the USA to the 5 teams mr lewis mentions to form a 6 team competition? that sort of competition will bring on the americans no end.
as for the "northern hemisphere 4 nations",france are to be given a automatic 4 spot,what about wales,scotland,ireland even lebanon & russia..why can't the 4th place in the "northern hemisphere 4 nations" be decided by a 'euro cup'? why can't the european teams have the same well defined structure the pacific teams have?, if france win the euro cup then atleast they will have earned it and surely that would be better for the overall development of our international game? and seeing as mr lewis is head of the RLEF i find it staggering that he has'nt included such a tournament for "2nd tier" european nations..

also in mr lewis' plan from 2015 we will see england playing down under in the SH 4nations,then GB on tour down under and then a world cup down under..thats 3 years with a series at home...is that wise considering how much the RFL makes from internationals at home??

his plan is better than what we have, i commend him for that but it needs serious tweeking...well not really serious tweeking, just and a euro cup as a 4 nations qualifier....it's not much to ask is it?


marv said...

this is similar to what we have discussed at length on RLIF forums, i think its very exiting, the big guys are gonna get a chance to pit themselves against the top 3 nations, which hopefully should avoid anymore outbreaks of Moi-moi disease, eh spud ;)

roughyedspud said...

the pacific guys are going to get a crack at the top 3 but the european guys are'nt.....thats all wrong imo

Takatu said...

I think we need France their permanently and two more nations, say Wales and Tonga, both have proven they can be strong teams.

roughyedspud said...

that makes no sense what so ever....

the 4th place should go to the best "2nd tier" nation in that hemisphere..

the pacific teams are going to have a tournament to decide..that pacific cup will be an incredible battle and the winners rightly deserve their seat at the top table with australia,NZ & england...

are france the best "2nd tier" nation in europe?? i would'nt say they are..we will see later on today when they take on a strong scotland team,a european cup would do wonders for the development of the game in europe, it will give the likes of wales,ireland,scotland even russia a goal to work to..if they don't have that goal whats the point??

without a "euro cup" we'll see tiny cook island having a chance to play in the 4 nations through the pacific cup but 2 time world cup semi finalists wales don't..

if france or any of the teams in europe are made to qualify via a "euro cup" then that competition will battle harden them for the tougher task of taking on the big 3.. france automatically going into the comp and them getting battered in every game will do nothing for them...

Daniel said...

OK I have formulated my own DETAILED 10 year plan. Its up on my web site at:
It has descriptions of the tournies I propose with formats, a Theoretical simulation and a prize money costing.

Let me know what you think. Answer I guess on here or on the forum under sporting discussions:My 10 year plan