Friday, 5 October 2007

IRELAND name squad

Squad: S Grix, G Dodd, B Beswick, D Blanch, L Doran (all Widnes),
S Littler, K Fitzpatrick (Salford),
T Stewart (Leigh),
C Bridge, B Harrison (Warrington),
E O'Carroll (Wigan),
L Finn (Dewsbury),
S Gleeson (Wakefield),
G Corcoran (Sheffield), K O'Riordan,
M Brodie (both Treaty City Titans),
S Gibbons, W Kerr (Carlow),
C Gee (Port Laiose),
B Rush (Tullamore).

fantastic to see some of the irish league boys in there and it's great to see ireland have'nt resorted to calling up australian-irish players...


marv said...

i reckon a few of those guys were in volved in the cumbria game a few years back, great progress from the irish, good to see young o'carroll in there.
we were saying he must be irish with a name like that!

roughyedspud said...

he's from oldham is o'carroll...